Futurist, Facilitator, Entrepreneur

Leaving corporate life when he found no more meaning in it for himself, Gil has devoted his life to understand the relationship between consciousness and meaning, and brings that wisdom back to the world when it needs it most.

With a focus on Conscious Evolution through the study of Information and Consciousness, Gil and New Innergy are devoted to empower Humanity to consciously co-create our next step of evolution with Gaia.

His vision is to transform our global emergency to the emergence of our Conscious Evolution in harmony with Gaia and Cosmic Principles.

A people person with the energy and optimism of Texas, the creativity and spontaneity of Barcelona, plus the relaxed pragmatism of Amsterdam, Gil is a Global Citizen who lives and works with compassion and a very human approach, core values that he has instilled in New Innergy.

photo by Marc Angles

photo by Marc Angles