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Speaking & Facilitation

In a period where old paradigms and narratives are falling apart, Gil Agnew brings lightness and insight to a more positive present and future.

Driven by his own curiosity to understand the World and the Human Condition, his passion lies in the ability to synthesize and share that understanding with others.

Gil offers audiences alternative views and new potential for themselves and their organizations, helping educate and inspire them.

Add New Innergy to your Team or Board

Bringing together Teams and Boards, whether internal, external or combined, often benefits from the presence of an independent third person to breathe “New Innergy” into the group dynamic, ease tensions, spark creativity and innovation.

In the words of Helen Carmichael, Film/Media Industry Veteran and Creativity Coach, “Gil has an incredible ability as a convenor, or what I call "A holder of the space".  I have seen a lot of really good facilitators at work but Gil is by far the best. His touch is light, loving, deft, and sparkles with intelligence and light.”