A WholeWorld-View

New Innergy is fully devoted to positive global transformation through the co-creation of a WholeWorld-View with Dr. Jude Currivan.

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During the coming few years we will encounter major tipping points in our relationships with each other and our planetary home, and have to make choices that will determine whether we are to not only survive, but thrive, and evolve as a species.

While some hope that technology will provide last minute solutions to our global emergencies, its inventions are still based on a polarised and materialist world-view which continues to drive our collective unsustainable behaviors with regard to people and planet.

Instead, leading-edge scientific discoveries at all scales of existence and across many fields of research are revealing that our Universe is innately inter-connected; the Science of Unity Awareness.

This WholeWorld-View reconciles with universal spiritual traditions to reveal the unified nature of reality and is articulated in the book, The Cosmic Hologram by Dr. Jude Currivan, has the potential to transform and heal our fragmented perspectives.